A couple of weeks ago our motion designer, Conlan, was invited to submit a motion response to promote the AGDA awards. The question, “What does the pinnacle of design mean to you?”, was asked to selected studios and designers across the country from a range of disciplines. Conlan’s response illustrated the grand design of the universe. The full version of the soundtrack he produced is available on soundcloud.

You can check out the other motion responses on vimeo here.

And… the AGDA awards are accepting entries until July 29th. Find more info here.


Conlan and AGDA

AGDA New Frontiers_Future Spaces

‘New Frontiers’ is a series of talks from AGDA in partnership with the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. The talks aim to bring innovators, designers, and creative thinkers working at the cutting-edge of design: to share insights, experiences, and ideas.


Ben and AGDA New Frontiers

A few weeks back, our CD Ben spoke at the very first talk in the series: Future Spaces. The night featured four creatives sharing their view on the future of design in place and space:  David Grant from Place Associates, Felicity Coonan from Animal Logic, Gilles Merry from Yakusan, and our Ben.

Ben gave an awesome presentation, sharing his view on destination brands, plus our work for Darling Harbour and The Rocks. It was great to see him up on stage sharing his enthusiasm and humility. Watch his presentation below :)

Thanks to AGDA for including us!
Watch more AGDA TV here and keep your eyes on for the remaining talks in the 2015 series: Start-up; VFX, Motion & Sound.



On Wednesday night, our ECD Chris was part of a panel discussion at the Apple Store in Sydney sharing his views and opinions on ‘How to get a start in the design industry’.

The audience also heard tips from Jenni Doran from Landor Sydney and the discussion was hosted by Nathan Scoular from Think Education. The event was well received with about 50 people in attendance.

Thank you to Think Education for involving us, and a special thanks to Mariko Elliott for sending through her notes from the event for those who missed it!


Chris at the Apple store


Brands need to be current in order to be relevant to customers. But if we design brand identities based on what’s current now, won’t they just need a redesign in five years time?

In this article for Sex, Drugs and Helvetica, our ECD Chris argues that to create relevant and timeless brand identities, we must design them to evolve. And that means building in flex, encouraging freedom, and thinking about just how long things are really meant to last.


How to create a timeless brand


Described as a “frenetic, fast-paced industry crash-course for thirty lucky young creatives”, The D&AD New Blood Workshop was recently held for the first time ever in Australia.

Developed in partnership with D&AD, the Glue Society, Google Australia, and Will O’Rourke, a group of thirty handpicked, talented young creatives gathered in Sydney to develop an entire project from brief to broadcast in one day, with help from some of the best creatives across the industry.

Our Creative Director Ben Miles was a mentor, helping a team develop their concept, ideas, and campaign on the day.


Ben at D&AD New Blood

“I’ve been a big fan of D&AD New Blood program ever since I was a student. So I jumped at the chance to be involved in D&AD’s first New Blood event on Australian shores.The day kicked off with inspiring talks from D&AD CEO Tim Lindsay and Glue society’s Jonathan Kneebone. The focus of the day was geared towards D&AD’s more recently added white pencil award — Design for good. I’ve seen this theme grow in importance through the span of my career and it’s great to see D&AD champion this. The energy and spirit of collaboration throughout the day was inspiring. Seeing so many fresh, dynamic creatives working with each other and industry experts was very special indeed. And the results were world class. I left the day feeling incredibly excited about the future of Australian design.”

Watch the video about the day below, and check out all the work created on the day here.

A huge thanks to D&AD for involving us. We were really honoured to take part and inspired by the great work that came out from the day. Looking forward to the next one.

Video Credit: D&AD

Image credit: Paula Taylor


The Communicating the Museum conference is the world’s leading arts communications conference, attracting people from 2,500 arts and culture organisations each year to a cultural hub. It was recently hosted in locations across Sydney, Melbourne, and Hobart.

As part of the Melbourne leg, Nick Davis, our Melbourne GM featured in a moderated conversation with Museum Victoria CEO, Patrick Greene. Hosted at the Melbourne Museum, they discussed the role of branding for museums in general; using brand to bring Museum Victoria’s  “networked museum” organisational strategy to life; and the critical role that leadership must play in embedding brand within a museum organisation.


Nick communicating the museum

Nick spoke about why there is more opportunity than ever to build meaningful relationships with audiences, and focus on the now and next as much as the past. He also urged delegates to ensure their museums seek to present a point-of-view over and above merely showing, so to create a more differentiated and unique experience for audiences.

Thank you to Agenda for involving us.

Pictured from left:
Rod Macneil – Head, Communication and Partnerships, Museum Victoria
Patrick Greene – CEO, Museum Victoria
Nick Davis – GM Melbourne
(Thanks to Rob Chivers for the photo)


A few weeks back, A bunch of us from the studio headed to the Australian Museum to see Lex, our Associate Director of Verbal Identity, speak at the AGDA event – How do words get in the picture. The event featured three talented writers from the industry, each sharing their view on the role of writing and language in creative.

Lex gave a brilliant presentation! To a full crowd, she spoke about her writing process, the power of language to shape brands, and the power of partnerships – explaining why writers and designers working together generate better work.

Thank you to AGDA NSW for involving us and congratulations to all the speakers. We had a fantastic night.


Lex talks words for AGDA


Throughout the year, we open up our studio to design schools. We love it because it not only gives students an experience of how we work, it gives us the opportunity to learn from tomorrow’s brand makers.

Over the past few weeks, our Creative Director Oli Maltby has been working with Tractor as a Design Mentor. This saw him developing a brief for the Sydney design students using a fictional TV channel as the challenge. Four days later, the students joined us in the Interbrand studio, where they pitched their concepts and ideas to Oli and our Senior Designers Dan Ingham and Ed Hall for feedback.

We had a great night meeting the crew and we were really impressed with the presentations. We got to see some fantastic work.

Thanks to Tractor for involving us – we’re looking forward to the next one. Read more here.


Tractor & Interbrand


With a reputation as one of the ‘not to be missed’ events on the AGDA calendar, we were chuffed to have Mike our Motion Director invited to be a guest speaker at the AGDA Shot Down event, which took place at Play Bar on June 18.

Shot Down is an opportunity for speakers to talk about work that’s been unseen, unheard, unrealised and under appreciated.


Mike at AGDA Shot Down

Mike spoke about his working life as a motion designer at Interbrand, and how his role sees him involved in projects from the very beginning – working right from the conceptual phase to make our brands move. He had the crowd hanging on his every word as he talked through two of our client projects that were shot down, addressing what the client needed, what we aimed to provide and why it didn’t make it.

It was a fantastic evening. Thanks as always to our friends at AGDA for involving us – look forward to the next one!

Shots by Chris Maclean.

Chris bio 050614

If you’re a regular reader of Interbrand’s Stand Apart, you’ll know that Chris Maclean, our ECD and Mike Tosetto, our Motion Director have been chosen as creative industry mentors for The Loop’s Portfolio Masterclasses taking place this Saturday as part of Vivid Sydney.

In the lead up to the event, the Loop interviewed Chris about his career so far, what inspired him to be a designer in the first place, and why your first job in the industry is so important. Read Chris’ interview here.



Chris mentors for The Loop

And if you are Sydney based student, recent graduate, or just a designer looking for some industry advice, head down to the MCA this Saturday June 7 for The Loop Portfolio Masterclasses. These sessions are a great opportunity for you to talk through your portfolio and grab some tips from the best in the industry.

Chris will be at the Graphic Design & Illustration masterclass from 10:00am – 12:00pm.

Mike (our Motion Director) is also an Industry Mentor. He’ll be at the Film, TV, & Animation Masterclass from 1:00 – 3:00pm.

Thanks again to the Loop for involving us. See you on Saturday!


As a regular columnist for Marketing Magazine, Sergio, our Associate Strategy Director, continues to share his views on branding.
His latest piece, Gamification: a business and societal model for the 21st century (May 23) talks about how a gamifying strategy has the ability to embrace complexity, smoothen change, increase a company’s bottom line and, ultimately, the potential to transform people into enterprises for themselves.

We’re also excited to announce that earlier in the month, Sergio was invited to become a regular contributor to US based BrandChannel.


Brand new thinking from Sergio

His first two articles are now live:

Oz Marketing: Australia Pitches Itself as a Foodie Destination (May 19)
Through food, Australia has spiced up its rugged roots with the influences of generations of Asian, Middle-Eastern, and Mediterranean immigrants to slowly cook an exquisite, and still emerging, national identity that promises to conquer international markets by the stomach!

For Wearable Tech Brands, a Lesson from EVs in Drive to Mass Adoption (May 21)
If wearable tech is about quantifying yourself, it’s important to understand that people see, measure—and yes, desire—the world in different terms. In order to drive mass adoption, the wearables category needs to design features and cast brand ambassadors that trigger people’s unconscious desire.

And given Sergio is multilingual, it was only a matter of time for him to begin writing in one of his other five languages. You can now also find him writing regularly on Branzai, Spain’s #1 branding blog. He’s had three articles published so far.

Spanish speakers – esperamos que les haya gustado!


For those of you in Sydney this Saturday, Doug, our Strategy Director will be representing Interbrand at Vivid as a member on the panel for “2020: Adapt or Die”, talking brand creativity – and creative of all kinds!

Organised by AGDA, the half day session features 20 industry visionaries sharing their ideas on the future landscape of creativity and the importance of forward thinking brand strategy. It’s sure to be a lively morning.

You can learn more about the panelists and buy your tickets here. Be quick – It’s selling fast!

We look forward to seeing you there- and thank you AGDA for involving us.


Doug talks brand creativity


How much do you know about the Trefoil, the brand symbol for Radioactivity?

Our ECD Chris Maclean recently wrote a piece for Grafik Magazine in the UK about the history behind its creation, and how it developed into the fear-inducing symbol it is today. Read it here.


Chris talks Brand Icons


Mike, our Motion Director, is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet. He’s always doing his bit to improve our motion skills, and we’re really glad he’ll be paying it forward this year at Vivid Sydney as a creative industry mentor for The Loop’s Film, TV & Animation Portfolio Masterclass.


Mike mentors for The Loop

In the lead up to the event, The Loop interviewed Mike about what inspired him to get into motion, his career to date, and his top professional tips.

The Loop are holding masterclasses on Saturday June 7 at the MCA. If you are a student, recent graduate, or just need some great industry advice and networking opportunities, head over!

Mike will be at the Film, TV & Animation Masterclass from 1:00 – 3:00pm.

Chris (our ECD) is also an Industry Mentor. He’ll be at the Graphic Design & Illustration masterclass from 10am – 12:00pm.

Thanks to The Loop for involving us!


Having shaped the voices of many of Australia’s biggest companies, our Senior Writer Lex is not shy about using the power of language and verbal identity to create world changing brands.

Over the last few months Lex has been sharing her thoughts and expertise with students studying Graphic Design at Shillington College. She has presented a number of sessions on the power of brand voice and how words can make you a better designer.

We know Lex is exceptional, and it thrills us to know she’s sharing her smarts and inspiring a new generation of creatives at Shillington. Awesome work Lex!


Lex on Verbal Identity


Our Executive Creative Director Chris has spent his career convincing clients to do things they didn’t know they were capable of. From the epic transformation of Telstra to changing government policy about Alzheimer’s disease, he bravely pushes big brand ideas and our clients to do more interesting, innovative and inspiring work.


Chris talks brave brand ideas

Earlier this week he made the trip to the Canberra to share his experiences with the ACT AGDA community. To a room full of creatives, Chris spoke about why we need to inspire clients to take creative risks, and shared how to empower them to solve problems differently and make strong connections with their audience.

We weren’t surprised at all to hear his talk was wildly entertaining! And thanks as always to AGDA for involving us.


We’re not ones to pass up invitations to have our opinions heard – especially when it comes to branding. So when RMIT invited Interbrand Melbourne to speak to their 2nd year Design Communication students, we jumped at the chance.


Talking brand identity at RMIT

On the topic of ‘The role of identity in branding’, our Melbourne General Manager, Nick Davis, had plenty of thoughts to share. Starting with the point that a brand is a business’ single greatest asset, he illustrated how the best brands are those steered by an uncompromising, singular vision. The role of brand identity then, he suggested, is to bring to life, articulate, and reinforce this vision at every opportunity.

Using examples including our own agency work from the past 12 months, Nick then provided insight into how we build brand identities. On the creative process, he discussed why we believe in communication not decoration, and designing feelings not logos. He also shared our thoughts around how strategists and designers should work collaboratively.

Big thanks go to RMIT and Joe Palmieri for giving us the floor – it was a pleasure to engage with up-and-coming designers and we look forward to the next instalment.




We’re all really proud of Conlan, our up-and-coming Motion Designer who was named as a finalist in the NewStar design awards during the AGIdeas Look Upstairs design festival this year.

Conlan received the nomination for his Comedy Channel brand identity work, completed whilst he was studying at Swinburne University. His work has now been featured alongside some of the most inspiring creative and branding talent across the globe, in the festival’s annual book. Our Melbourne brand agency, where Conlan’s based, couldn’t be more excited!

And if you look closely in the photo above, you’ll see him on stage with the other finalists during the announcement (fifth from the left).

Well done Conlan!


Conlan is a NewStar Design Awards finalist


A special shout out goes to our ECD Chris Maclean this week, the gentle giant, who is celebrating six years with Interbrand.

Chris’ influence and hard work over these six years has helped to transform brands such as Opera Australia, Griffin Theatre Company, Alzheimer’s Australia and Queensland Art Gallery / QAGOMA, as well as countless more. He led the team responsible for the rebrand of Australia’s biggest brand, Telstra, and has been recognised as one of Australia’s Power 20 by Australian Creative magazine for his bravery in the creative industry. He’s also a regular speaker at colleges and events across the country – inspiring designers, writers and other creative individuals to use their skills to create and craft brands that change the world.

We’re incredibly proud to work alongside Chris. He’s an inspiration and a mentor to all of us.

Here’s to the years ahead!


Chris Maclean: 6 years at Interbrand!


The Design Kids are a really impressive bunch of people. They recently featured us on their site, asking our Creative Director, Ben Miles, to share his thoughts on Interbrand’s process … what makes us tick, some general banter, and most importantly, his tips for design grads starting out. Read Ben’s full interview here.

And… if you’re a Design Kid that wants to spend some time in a Sydney or Melbourne brand agency, we’re always keen to hear from design, comms, marketing, and business students interested in brands who’d like to join us as interns. Send a note about yourself and a link to your portfolio to


Our Creative Director’s tips for Design Kids